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Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly by Soha el Khazen
Written by Malek

I spent nine years working as a flight attendant. I found the airline subculture to be very fascinating and unique. I knew I would eventually write about it. Flying all over the world, staying in a new hotel every night, meeting hundreds of new people every day…it was difficult, intimate and lonely all at the same time.

Flying isn't what you think. There isn’t any typical path for flying as an attendant. We had attendants from other airlines, other countries. What you’ll find is that some flight attendants haven’t taken a single college class, others have associates or bachelors and masters degrees, it was such a great experience.

Airlines are looking for hard working, flexible, dependable and friendly flight attendants. They want to know that you can be on call, work odd hours, and check in on time, every time, even when they don’t give you much notice. The only way to achieve that consistency is to show up early.

I flew as a bird, every day in a country interacting with different cultures. What a life; Full of lessons and great adventures.

I tried to enjoy every moment even when I was tired.  Sometimes I was exhausted after exceeding 24 hours of duty. What a hectic life but full of surprises.

Working as a team with the flight crew was our main goal. Communicating, arguing and fighting were also part of our work but our main goal was safety. We were doing our best to maintain our professionalism.

I cried many times, I locked myself inside the lavatory because of our stressful job. Yes my friends it is not easy to be a cabin crew, flying is not only about service but it is about security first and safety of our passengers.

"It is all jobs in one job"

Being a flight attendant for nine years was a blessing and a gift as I got the chance to fly the whole world. Every day there is something to talk about , my life is full of great and amazing memories that i am sharing now with my great family and husband and one day with our kids.

So take off , cruise and always land safe.


And tomorrow another thought of the day.