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The 'Tiger Mom' Now Has A List Of Which 'Culture Groups' Have The Best Chance Of Making It In America
Written by Malek


You may remember Amy Chua, a Yale law professor as the "Tiger Mom" who argued that running a severely strict household was the key to raising success children.

Now she and husband Jed Rubenfeld are out with an even more controversial book about success and parenting, "The Triple Package."

According to a review by Maureen Callahan in the New York Post, the pair have "gathered some specious stats and anecdotal evidence to argue that some groups are just superior to others and everyone else is contributing to the downfall of America."

The authors write:

That certain groups do much better in America than others — as measured by income, occupational status, test scores and so on — is difficult to talk about. In large part, this is because the topic feels so racially charged.

Here is their list:

  • Nigerians
  • Jews
  • Chinese
  • Indians
  • Iranians
  • Lebanese-Americans
  • Cuban exiles
  • Mormons

The pair argue that studies about vanishing upward mobility often exclude immigrants and their children, who often possess at least one of three character traits — a superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control — that other, less successful groups allegedly lack.

But just because one's "group" may not enjoy these characteristics doesn't mean an individual within that group can learn them.

“The real promise of a Triple Package America is the promise of a day when there are no longer any successful groups in the United States — only successful individuals," they write.