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Astrology & Horoscope prediction 2014 - 2015
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Everyone's luck is going to change in 2014 - 2015 . Oh yes, it's true. How do we know? Because the planet of good luck, Jupiter will change signs, moving from Cancer to Leo. As of mid-year, everyone is going to have the positive Jupiter vibes in a new part of their chart. Read on to find out where Jupiter is blessing you now and will be boosting your luck as of July 16.




Jupiter starts the year in your home zone. In other words expect some very fortuitous events involving either (or both of) your home and family. Travel with your family is possible too. As of July 16 you're going to have extra luck on your side when it comes to your romantic life, a child (your own or someone else's) and/or in regards to a creative project you have on the boil.





You have one of the greatest Jupiter blessings happening in your chart right now. Jupiter is in your mind zone which means that, in theory, it's easier for you to think positively than it has been in years. If you're not finding this, try hard to focus on the best possible outcomes in your life. As of mid-July, Jupiter moves into your home zone resulting in a happier home and family life.




Jupiter is currently in your money box. Since Jupiter is the planet of plenty, you would think this is a surefire good thing. And it's true that this placement can bring money out of the blue. However it can also see you over-spending, if you have a propensity for blowing your budget. As of mid-July, Jupiter moves into your mind zone increasing your ability to manifest your dreams.




Jupiter is currently in your sign and will stay there until July. So is the departure of lucky Jupiter from your sign a bad thing? Thankfully not, because as Jupiter leaves, he moves into your money box. This only happens once every 12 years and as Jupiter is the planet of plenty it can signal a time when your fortunes increase no end.




Hopefully the past six months or so have helped you see the bright side of life. Jupiter has been in your fear zone, doing what he can to make you realise that many of your fears are unfounded and certainly not worth spending your time on. Now as lucky Jupiter moves into Leo, you can expect to feel like life is just that much easier. You haven't had this blessing in your chart since 2003, so make the most of it!




If you haven't been getting out and about and having fun with your friends recently, now you can make up for lost time. Jupiter is a very popular planet and he's in your friends zone until July, so give and accept as many social invitations as you can. This is a great time to make new friends and contacts. As of mid-July, he starts to boost your spiritual appreciation of life.




Here's some good news. One of the things you are being challenged to do now is to learn to love yourself again. You should, in theory, be settling down after a rather tumultuous few years when you had to forgive yourself and others for all sorts of things. And now here comes Jupiter moving from your work zone into your friends zone, taking your popularity to a 12-year high, as of mid-July.  Use the time between now and then to work hard so you can play hard later.




There's a certain serendipity about the move of Jupiter into your career zone.  It is happening just at a time when you need it most. The reason? You have been dealing with Saturn for so long, working like a dog, that your career probably feels as much of a drag as anything else. Happy Jupiter's move  from your travel zone into your career zone in July means the rewards and the fun at work can actually start to kick in now too.




Jupiter has spent the past few months in your eighth house which is a rather weird part of your chart, connected to sex and money and anything you consider taboo. If you have had a bit of strangeness in your life lately, now you know why. But now? He's re-emerging into the light and into your ninth house; your travel zone. Yes, your chances of going off to see the world (or studying) soar in July.




You have had lucky Jupiter in your love zone for a while now. How's it going? If you're single have you at least had more offers and suitors? If you're attached, hopefully your love life has improved – and if it hasn't, hopefully you have found the courage to flee! Now Jupiter moves into your sex zone. And remember, he's the planet of opportunity and fun (This new position is also good for you finances).




In theory, Jupiter is the reason why you are still standing, despite the rather undue pressures that have been heaped upon you in the work department of late. He made things bearable. Now, he's about to make things even better. As of mid-July, he moves into your love zone for the first time in over a decade. Basically, even relationships which have suffered recently have the chance to improve. Lucky you and lucky lovers! Single? Great time to mingle.




Jupiter has been aiding and abetting you where romance, creativity and kids are concerned. As of mid-July, he will be moving into the part of your chart related to your work and health. In other words, when he moves, he will help you to enjoy your work more (or find a job you love, if you are not happy where you are now) and/or he will help you sort out any health concerns.


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Wishing you the best that life could offer in 2014!!!




The year 2014 would be a wonderful year for you in that you would be able to complete all tasks that have been pending for long. Much amount of flexibility would be available for you to show your competence to the world around. This year also promotes high energy activities in your life as going on an adventurous trip and the like. However certain constraints cannot be ruled out now and then. Your decisions towards home and its affairs would be taken by all without much hype and any further appeal.

Make sure that you remain steady and sturdy with your ambitions. Make no room for any complacency and indecisions. The planetary positions for this year shall help you to target your aims in life.
A good amount of tact and diplomacy would be needed when relationships are concerned. Your creativity shall come to the fore. But make sure that you stick to your works and let no level of impatience discourage you. You would be able to reap the fruits of your creative ventures around the end of the year.


During the year 2014, career shall take a new turn in your life. Your pace in the professional arena shall slow down a little bit. But do not lose hope. You need to stay alive and resume with your hard working instincts. Repetitive tasks shall bother you but there is no other go. Delve into the minute details of any projects that you handle during this year. You shall have the opportunity to learn new techniques and ideas during the course of your career. You would be able to gain the confidence of your superiors and authorities in the work field. The first half of the year would be uneventful. But the later half shall keep you embroiled in sorts of works that give you the time to enjoy and relax with life.


New relationships and attractions shall come your way during the year 2014. You shall get to meet new acquaintances and new people in your life. This shall help you to explore new avenues in the field of love and romance. Your assets shall increase as far as relationships are concerned. You would be able to ward off routine activities you normally have with your partner and would be able to bring about a mammoth change in this sphere of activity.

When it comes to rifts and misunderstandings in life, be open to dialogues as it would be able to help mend fences. This year you would be able to see relationships in a new light. Do not take hasty judgments with your partner. Those staying single shall get the opportunity to meet the man/ woman of their life.


Your finances shall have major changes and fluctuations during the course of year 2014. However you would not be able to control your expenditure which in turn is likely to burn a hole in your wallet. Curb your expenses to a bare minimum for this period. Be cautious when lending out money as you might land in trouble. Make sure you have ample funds at hand, before venturing out into savings. Stay away from major high-value purchases for this year. The end of the year is likely to fund some good purchases in the real estate field. Make sure that you settle all loans and debts before the year comes to an end.


Year 2014 shall see you in good health, cheer and loads of high voltage energy. The first half of the year shall bless you with good health though the next half might bring in occasional minor ailments. Start new fitness regimes during this year. Now is also the time to ward off bad habits like smoking, drinking and depending too much on fast foods. Your metabolic rate would be balanced but do not be too nervous to arrive at certain health targets. Perfection is not your keyword and hence be sure to accept a nominal change in your health area.





This year 2014 shall bring about major changes in your personal and professional life. You would be steering away from unwanted bad habits which are likely to take a toll on your peace of mind. However you are advised to stick to your conscience. Switchover to new activities that would provide you with the much wanted deviations and relief. Your mental state would be stronger than usual during the course of this year.

You would be able to get the inspiration for life from those around you during this year. But your greatest asset would be your simplicity and the capability to adapt to any sort of situations around. Now is the time to face the world with renewed courage and diplomacy. Avoid sorts of temptations that come your way in this period. Be prepared to advise and take the good advices of those around you. You would be able to excel in your fields of interest.


A better professional future is predicted for you for the year 2014. But beware of frauds and false allegations that would dampen your work spirit. Your present projects shall go on and try to learn from your past mistakes. You would progress at a nominal rate during this year and shall earn the favor of your higher authorities. The first half of the year shall bring in major changes in your career. And the second half shall help you to consolidate your interests. Co-operative deals with peers shall bring in good rewards.


You shall learn a new meaning for love and relationships during this year of 2014. Your perspective of love shall change for your better. This is an apt time to root out unwanted relationships that have been bothering you for long. Instead switch to relationships that seem genuine and interesting. Learn to adapt to the needs and deeds of your partner during this time. Give and take is your keyword for this time period. Avoid misunderstandings and be committed to your partner. Feel free and venture into leisure activities with him/ her. Be flexible in your approach to your partner and give them full freedom and independence in their personal life. Of, course they need their breathing space as well. Try not to smother him/ her too much by your emotions.


Certain financial issues crop up in your life during this year 2014. But there would not be any major impacts. Make sure that you save for the rainy day. Avoid materialistic hoarding for this time period and bank on your future. Investments of all sorts like real-estate and bond purchases are advised for this period. Try to secure your financial future by planning for your retirement as well. Avoid unwanted expenses and put on hold all less important purchases like that second car and the like. Some medical expenditure related to family members shall make you less moneyed. Be prepared for this mentally around the end of the year.


Do not try to take your health as taken for granted this year. Else you need to spend a lot mending your health condition. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?. Go in for some physical exercises that help to tone your muscles and keep you fit as a fiddle. Beware of what you eat and drink for this time period. It might take a toll on your health. It is the best time to rebalance your diet for your betterment. Some nervous troubles and muscular pains are probable during the first half of the year . The next half shall see you hale and hearty venturing into sorts of sports activities.





During this year 2014, your life would be soft and mellow and it would flow as a river without any impediments. The planets shall have no malefic effects on you during this time period. However you need to think twice before you dive into any new ventures. This is an apt time to put your plans and ideas into work. You need to re-prioritize your relationships. Luck and fortune shall come for you without much asking.
Peace and harmony shall prevail at home and work place. Your environment would be subtle for most of this year. Now you can do better in life than the past few years. Certain controversies that had been bothering you shall now come to an end. Your skill sets would be put to good use during this period. Avoid being a dull-head and plunge into action come what may. Taking risks shall steer you clear to your goals in life. Don"t be subdued by the circumstances at hand.


Your career life would be better than the previous few years in the sense that you would be free from all the annoyances you had then from peers and higher-ups. You would be able to sail smoothly and rise high up the ladder in your professional field. You would be able to earn the goodwill and favor of authorities. Though promotions and other monetary benefits might elude you for quite some time there would be peace in your work place. A generally auspicious period for Geminis who are involved in the service sector and in businesses.


Your love life and relationships shall come to the fore during year 2014. Your sentiments and emotions shall rule the roost for this period. However your overtly sensitive nature need to be curbed to a greater extent. Make all efforts to ensure that you keep your partner of interest or spouse at hand. Else he or she might stray. This is an apt time to fully understand the personality of your soul-mate. But make sure that you do not take advantage of his/ her privacy. this might endanger your relationship. The end of the year shall see you settle down in a comfortable relationship or marriage. Listen to your heart when it comes to love and relationships during 2014.


Your financial inflows for year 2014 would be moderate but self-sustaining. Put your initiatives first to make your finances stable for the period. This is a particularly materialistic period for you with many purchases on the cards. You would be able to clear most of your debts and bonuses and other financial investments shall come from nowhere. Artistic pursuits shall keep the financial inflow steady. Some luck is in store for you in this field. You would be able to find ways to make money with short-term benefits. The end of the year shall rope in huge financial inflows with investments forecast in the field of real estate and high-value gadgets.


Health would be satisfactory over the course of the year 2014 for you. Your appearance is likely to make a statement in this period, hence make sure that you show up a better part of you to the world around. Go in for a make-over of your physique and hair style. At times there would be signs of fatigue due to your hard toiling in the professional field. Do make sure that you take ample rest for a better mental and physical health. You may take a break by going in for some sort of artistic pursuits. Some adventurous sporting activities can also be taken up for a good health trend for this year.




This year 2014 shall see you engaged more with your personal life rather than the professional one. Relationships shall suddenly mean a lot to you now like never before. You shall get more opportunities to climb up your social order. Listening would be your keyword rather than talking. Family-based relations shall remain stable for most of the year ahead. Your creative works shall gain recognition and support for now.

But be sure that your ego does not go to your head. You need to stoop down to the level of others in order to understand them fully. You need to throw out your authoritarian attitudes. Learn to curb your inner cravings and emotions during this time period. You ought to show your kindness in words and deeds to those around you.


Your professional life would be much satisfactory for this year 2014. Success shall come to you from all quarters. All the efforts put by you in past years shall start to yield results this year. You would be able to achieve some stable positions in your career field. Partnership deals and projects involving co-operative works shall fare well. You need to consolidate your works this year. The last half of the year shall bring in promotions and major changes in your career in your best interests. Taking some deviations from your routine shall work in favor for now.


This is a time when you learn to differentiate between real and unreal love relationships. Do not be misled by false promises and instead live in the present. Else you would be made a victim of the same. Set a reasonable limit and do not expect too much from your spouse or partner. A subtle approach shall work wonders in relationships. You would be able to meet many new potential partners. You ought to learn to sift through the social network for locating your ideal soul mate.An informed choice need to be made around the end of the year. Be open to dialogues with partner when hitches arise in the relationship. Those already in a relationship or marriage need to stick together come what may as trying times are forecast ahead.


Your financial status this year would be generally good with supports coming from all sides. You would be able to find ways to improve your financial standing in society. You can reach your financial goals set long ago this year. If in business this is an ideal time to venture into new territory. If in services you are likely to get a financial make over. The last half of the year shall see much financial inflow that would keep you going steady for the next few years.


Your general health and well being would be at its best when compared to the previous few years. Your mental and physical states would be in better shape now. You shall gain a new vigor to work hard towards your ideals in life. However your food intake needs to be monitored from time to time. Beware of food poisoning and the like in this period. Also keep a tab on what you drink. Make sure you set aside some time for rest and rejuvenation. You are promised a peaceful and healthy state in this period without much effort and commitment.




This year 2014 would be highly productive for you. You would be able to meet much of your ambitions and ideals in life thanks to your will power and sheer hard work. Radical changes are likely in life during the course of this year. You would be able to consolidate some of the projects that you started several years earlier. You are in for making important decisions in life related to personal and professional life. You would have ample time in hand to enjoy life.

But ensure that you set yourself in action when the time is ripe so that your long term commitments are met. Obstacles of sorts come your way now and you need to learn to overcome these hurdles by your will power. Anyway give your best to the world outside there.
An apt time to show your skill sets to those concerned. You would end up being profitable as the year comes to an end. Garner your strength to see the year through in good spirits.


There would be major impacts on your professional life during the course of this year. You need to put in much effort and commitment to meet the targets set by your authorities at work. You should be focused on your ideals come what may. Stick to your contacts and show your efficiency to them in work. If new ventures are to be started you shall face stiff resistance and competition. But it is now or never. Hence you need to encounter these situations to succeed and climb up the professional ladder.


Your love life this year would be full of crests and troughs, in that there would be several ups and downs. Your emotions and sensuous needs would be at its peak. You would find out that you have not given ample attention to this area of your life of late. If single this is the time to tie a knot or settle down in a comfortable relationship. You ought to be ready to make certain sacrifices for the relationship to keep going. Do not be carried away by false promises and situations. The last half of the year shall help you to consolidate your love life.


This year 2014 shall see you packed with much cash in hand like never before. More material purchases like a luxury car are also on the cards. But be sure to demarcate between your wants and needs. Certain expenses can be curbed and postponed for a later date for better financial stability in life. Do not pamper yourself and those around you with much money. Be aware of the consequences of overspending this period. If you find the balance here then you would be able to avoid financial turmoil in future.


You are likely to give less importance to your health this year. And this is likely to take a toll on your general well-being. Listen to your body signals and act accordingly. Do not indulge in food for pleasure. Instead make sure that you take a well balanced diet. Your plate should be a mixture of colored foodstuff. Do avoid the white colored ones for your betterment. However headaches and other joint pains are likely to cause concern during the first half of the year. But the end of the year shall see you in good health and cheer much to your astonishment.




During this year 2014, you shall be packed with much energy and strength that you would take life in good spirits. Life would be soft and mellow with a generally clear sky devoid of rain-clouds. There would be a perfect balance of acts during this time period. You would be in a point where you gain energy and support from those around you. This is a time when you take a deviation from your life route for the better. Artistic pursuits shall give you the much needed sense of satisfaction and inner strength.
This is a year when your social circle expands and you gain new connections and links in life. Overseas contacts would be established. There would be major changes in life like a much waited promotion, or a recognition for your artistic works. Focus all your energy to do your best with life. You can do some for the community as well like going in for some social or charity works. This is the time of your life when you gain much repute from the society around.


Your professional life would be uneventful for this year of 2014. However your likes and dislikes in the work place shall change for the better. You shall earn the good will of your superiors without much effort. You shall get the opportunity to learn more and improve your knowledge base related to your career. Try to introduce some of your hidden inner talents in your works. This will earn you a good name in the books of authorities. Be sure to scrap off any friction that you might encounter with your peers. Do not impose your ideas onto them without their approval and acceptance.


Your love life would be moderate with a little amount of sweet and sour here and there. You would be able to indulge in pleasures with your partner or spouse. Your force of attraction towards the opposite sex would be highest with plenty of opportunities for settling down with a comfortable soul mate. You need to oversee the difference of opinions that might arise now and then in your relationships. With better understanding your relationships would be made more deep and romantic. This year shall help you to approach relationships with a firm hand. But beware not to burn bridges en-route.


This year shall bring in much unwanted expenditure. Your financial risks would be at the highest when compared to the last few years. Your savings shall dwindle to a bare minimum. Anyhow you need to face these financial issues with a better face. Your major asset would be honesty and hard work. Liquidation would be a big problem with landed property. Long term investments ought to be planned during this year. Let go off your debts and loans as much as possible as the year comes to an end. Better times are forecast then in the financial field for the natives.


Your general health would be good when compared to the previous period. Your energy levels would also be much comfortable. Your mental make-up would be at its best, hence let your creative works come to the fore. Sorts of allergic reactions to chemicals and the environment are most probable. It is high time that you take steps to avoid the same without ignoring any warnings. Take ample rest, and enjoy life. Do not overindulge in work and burn your inner energy. Some adventurous trips can be taken for the much needed relief from the trials of routine life.





This year 2014 would be a year free from major trials and tribulations that had been haunting you for the past few years. You would be able to steer clearly through life now. You shall move into profitable territory and there would be much freedom in your life like never before. You would be given the chance to forgive and forget in relationships. Now is the time to move beyond your limits.

An inner light shall guide you through the course of this year. Your persepctive of the world outside shall change a lot and you would be able to understand the reality at work. During this year, you cannot be influenced by others rather others would be by you. Now is the time when you should be able to make wise judgments related to life and precision would be your keyword. Be sure that emotions do not always hold the sway.


Your career this year shall have a global exposure with much connections coming from every side. A very positive period in your professional area comes by now and you would be morally inclined to do your best. Those in research-based professions shall gain their due credit now. You would be able to prove your mettle and abilities in this time period much to the surprise of your peers. Try to plan better before venturing into unknown territory if at all you have to. Team work shall work well for you rather than you doing it all alone. Some legal issues need to be met towards the end of the year.


This is a time when you realize that love life is not always rosy as it seems to be. You need to do a balancing act to keep existing relationships under your arm. There needs to be a change in your emotional and romantic approaches for success in this area. Do not keep your inner desires to your heart, feel free to share it with your loved one. This will bring about a major change in your love life. The first half of the year shall bring in good news in your love affairs. Rifts and hindrances would be galore in the next half. There would be temptations to stray off from your existing relationships towards other territory. Stick to your ideals and focus on commitment rather than cravings.


This year 2014 shall have strong financial influences on your life. You are in a major phase of your life which calls for much material spending. Hence you need to earn a lot to keep things moving. But make a note that do not bite more than you can chew. There would not be much inflow from secondary means of finances. However some luck and fortune are on the cards around the middle of the year. Avoid all long term financial decisions during this year. You need to wait and watch as the year moves on.


Health would not be that good during this year 2014. Your current way of life and habits need a total revamp as far as health is concerned. You need to curb your inner cravings and indulges need to be curbed. Health management would be a laborious task for you during this year. Plan your days with ample time for exercising and relaxing apart from your routine works. The first half of the year calls for regular health check-ups and related activities. Be cautious when out on adventurous and arduous tasks. Troubles related to bones and muscles are forecast for this time period. Hence beware of your physical activities.





Year 2014 shall bring in new surprises for all Scorpios out there. A generally encouraging period that shall bring out the best in you all . You need to be aware of the changes happening around you to move forward in life. Some sort of relocation is also on the cards if you are willing to take. Challenging tasks shall come from nowhere, you need to handle them with audacity avoiding complacency and procrastination of all sorts. Give priority to your ambitions and ideals in life.

You would be able to find answers to some of your unanswered questions that had been haunting you for quite some time now. There would be perfect harmony in your life and peace shall prevail. Make it a point to present your hopes and ideals when meeting higher-ups in society. Now is the time to toil towards a better future. Do not let past memories and losses dampen your spirits.


This is a year when new projects started years ago shall see the light of the day. Put in your efforts and commitment to let your ambitions take new wings. Better communication would be the keyword in the area of career for this time of your life. Walk the extra mile to tap that extra silver lining in your work place. Some career changes call for major changes in your routine. Financial performance shall better as the year moves on.


Your love life during the course of year 2014 shall become more intense and sentimental. The first half of the year would be very eventful in this area for the natives. Look at the clear picture of life and let not pleasures and emotions cloud your relationship. Much excitement is in store in conjugal life for those already settled in marriage. Passion without any sort of reason would be blinding in the long run. Hence beware of infatuations in relationships during this year. Do not let contentions between you and your partner. An intense period is predicted for the year-end.


This year shall present a good financial period thanks to your determination and the guts to attain the same. You would be able to pose a responsible position in the area of finances now. If steeped in financial troubles now is the time to sort issues out. Be prepared to negotiate any financial deals that you venture into now. The first half of the year shall sail smoothly but the later half might pose serious financial hardships. Be prepared to stem the tide before you land in murky waters.


Your general health would be at its best during this year. Your abilities and performances shall be enhanced for now and there would be much physical and mental stamina in you. However some nervous troubles are likely to crop up around the middle part of the year. There would be periods of depression during the course. Do take time to relax and improve your spirits. Keep a tab of your diet and don’t forget your supplements if you have to take any. Some medical expenditure related to family members is also on the cards.




This is a year when you would be able to bring shape to your long found dreams and ideals in life. Let your actions in this regard be simple and apt. Major changes are likely in your lifestyle during the course of the year. Make sure that you do the talking and decision–making in important tasks at home. In reality you would face certain hindrances but let your inspirations keep you going.

Let off past memories and don’t let them haunt your spirits. Let bygones be bygones. Face the world with a renewed vigor and strength now. Your social life would be fully engaged with contacts coming in from all quarters. Your personal choices in life would be too hard to handle during this time period. Have faith in yourself and let actions flow swiftly taking full freedom. Do trust your instincts during this part of your life.


Those in services and businesses shall fare well in this period with luck and fortune on the cards. It would be a smooth sail for you in the professional front with no major hurdles en-route. Though occasional hitches might crop up with peers you would be able to sort out those differences by your sheer will-power and hardwork. Important contacts would be established in your career field during this year. Legal hassles might come your way around the middle of the year. Be prepared to handle this with double caution.


This year your love life would be normal, rather a routine. You shall cherish long lasting relationships in this period of your life. But there would be a need for major changes in your love interests. Your emotional needs now differ calling for renewal of your romantic moves. You might need to take a major detour if things turn sour with relationships. Do make sure that you do not make your partner feel insecure during this part of your life. Forgiving and forgetting shall be the best mode to move ahead in your love life.


Finances this year shall be questionable for you. You need to take opportunities by their horn as they come your way. Find all avenues to make more money. There would be some expenditure related to relocation, buying a house or revamping an existing one. These might burn your fingers for the short term. Look at the long term and plan your finances accordingly. Do try to avoid all financial hassles that come your way during this year. The last half of the year shall bring in much income flow. However your generosity would be put to test. Do verify credentials before venturing into financing of social and charity works.


Throughout this year your general health would be good. But this does not rule out the occurrence of minor health ailments now and then. They are quite inevitable now. You need to go in for ample rest after a heavy work. If not it would show up in the form nervous breakdowns, muscle cramps and the like. Do not force yourself with much workouts. Take only what your body can handle with ease. Focus your attention on your diet. Make a change if necessary, bring in much of proteins and fiber into your intake. This is a good time to experiment with a new facelift or hairdo.






This year 2014 shall have the feel good factor set in for you. Things shall work out much in your favor for now. However you need to focus on relational concerns like looking into an older member of the family and the like. Do make efforts to detangle the lives of those around you. This is a good time to take time off for a vacation or long holiday. During this year you would be inspired to do bigger and better things in life

Do show your individuality when it comes to showing out your creativity to the outside world. Try to sort out any hitches in relationships during this time. Of course there would be internal conflicts and tensions in your personal life . You need to learn to balance things in life. Rededicate yourself to a committed life and you are assured a better future and better year ahead.


This year your professional life would not be a bed of roses as always. Conflicts of all sorts arise now and then in this area. Even if you are passionate about your career, trying times are ahead. It is ideal that you take leave or go on a sort of relocation. Team works shall meet with impediments throwing your ambitions away. If you are at the top of the ladder you would find the going tough. If you are somewhere in the middle level there would be a good amount of peer pressure. Trust your instincts and try creating a new environment or atmosphere around you.


Your love life this year would be rejuvenated and enriched more than you had ever thought of. Your partner shall be a good source of inspiration for you. At times you might feel that there is no control of your emotions and senses. Have a clear vision and let your partner/ spouse lead where it matters. Be open to dialogues and exchange of ideas with him/ her. This would be a good time to understand the concept of love, relationships and its consequences. If single you would be able to open the doors for a new relationship in life. Those already in relationships shall find the going at ease.


During this year you would be able to reap the yields of the investments done years before. You generosity to the near ones would be at its high. But make sure that this does not topple your budget plans. Be open to spend for some pleasures in life but at the same time save systematically. Plan your finances well in advance and avoid the worst in your financial area. This is an apt time when you can go for some real estate purchase or some high value shopping. Your social status grows thanks to your financial growth during the course of this year.


Your general health and energy levels would be satisfactory for most part of the year.Though some ailments due to stress cannot be ruled out. Focus now on some form of meditation or exercises to relax and rejuvenate. Some mental worries and anxieties might bother you, hence do not allow your mind to wander. Concentrate your energy towards some constructive artistic pursuits. Set some health limits and try to achieve the same before the year comes to an end. A change of diet shall work wonders for all those Capricorns out there!






This is a year when your emotions would be the highest. Feelings rather than mental and physical ideas shall rule the roost for now. There would be much success in your personal life. Do live in harmony with the environment around you. Your creativity comes to the fore but do let your inspiration create new wings of change. You are likely to be slow and steady in your personal moves during this year.

Let there be a moral binding in all you do. There are immense opportunities during the course of this year for progress in life. Make full use of the same. Do not deny when help comes from different quarters. You need somebody to hang on to in times of need. Rely on your immediate family and friends for this. You would be in a winning status for most of the year ahead with their total support.


During this year of 2014 there would be some sort of peace and tranquility in your professional life. But do not lay idle going alone with routine works. Try to bring in new inspirations and ideas in your work. This would help you to get the favor of higher-ups. Now is the time you ought to look out for back sheep among your peers. Do not be deceived by them. Do give some time for your personal life as well. Some promotions and financial increments are predicted towards the end of the year. Generally an eventless year lies ahead in this arena.


During this year there would be peace and harmony in your love life/ married life. This is the time when you can enjoy life to the fullest with your spouse or partner. An amiable climate exists around you. If single this would be apt time to locate your ideal soul mate. Do accept the real and do not go in for any virtual relationships. Social contacts would be established in a better way for now. You need to make some adjustments with partner when there are glitches in the relationship. Make all efforts to understand your partner and stay committed for life. The last half of the year shall bring in a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in your love life.


During year 2014 your financials would be good with much material blessings coming your way. More purchases are on the cards during this period. However some troubles are forecast around the middle part of the year. Let your assets do the talking in times of financial needs. Some inflow is promised during the last quarter of the year. Try to sort out debts and loans as much as possible as they might pile up and throttle you in future. You need to go in only for basic expenses and avoid unwanted expenditure for most part of the year for your good.


You shall be in a good form as far as health is concerned for the year 2014. However some sort of fatigue might haunt you. Your emotional set up would be put to test and much worries, anxieties and irritability are on the cards. You need to take up some artistic or sport pursuits to keep yourself busy and deviated. You may go on a long vacation that has been overdue for quite some time. Keep a tab of your diet and stay away from sugary and fatty food stuffs in this time period. Eye ailments could bother you around the end of the year.







This year shall bring in goodness, strength and cheer in your life. An unusually good number of opportunities shall come your way. You would be able to venture into unknown territories till now un-invented. Your diverse thoughts coupled with major changes shall diversify your portfolio of interests. Let go off the past and face the present world with confidence and renewed vigor.

You would feel the urge to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Make no compromise when it comes to your personal life. Raise your voice against any sort of injustice around you. It is high time that you bring out the creative side of you out into the open. You need not bury your hidden inner talents and interests. Luck and fortune shall come from far off places. Do not hesitate to claim what is yours particularly during this part of the year.


This is a time when you stand to get due recognition for your hard work and commitment. Power and authority shall come naturally to you in the professional field. Take time in your hand and mould new ventures as it goes by. An extra effort should be put in to get the favor of higher-ups in your work place. Teamwork would be disappointing to a larger extent during this year. Peace and harmony need to be brought in by your sheer will power. A good organizational climb is promised for you in this year.


There would be new experiences and new experiments in your love life during 2014. Your love life would be much fascinating like never before. There would be opportunities to show your best to your loved one/ spouse. Sentiments rather than emotions shall come to the fore in this time period. When difference of opinions arise be calm and let things go down the drain as it came. Those singles out there shall meet the love of their love around the first quarter of the year. If already in a relationship then this is the time to make your partner understand yourself without imposing strict conditions.


There would be a lack of drive in your financial filed during this year 2014. But your materialistic part would be doubly blessed. There would not be much avenues to increase your financial net-worth this year. If you are interested in buying a house, landed property or a luxury car there would be some initial impediments. Good chances come your way around the middle part of the year. Some income through property deals are likely for now. Your creative pursuits shall also bring a good amount of revenue. Double-check your financial plans before venturing into a new territory.


A generally positive period of health awaits you in the year 2014. Be careful with your physical and mental moves as there would be phases of indisposition. You need to take a break from the rigors of life by resorting to some sort of therapies. Go in for artistic inclinations to rejuvenate your spirits. Do not be too strict with your diet during this period. Too much austerity would only dampen your health. Take some excesses as well. Exercising and much liquid diet are recommended for Pisceans for this year for all round health and prosperity.






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2014 - 2015  Astrology Horoscopes

Summary for 2014

A great awakening

Astrology's two largest true planets shape our aspirations and accomplishments. One, visionary Jupiter, begins the year in the sensitive Water sign of Cancer, where ambitions, beliefs and truths come through our emotions.

If you're curious to see how your unique birth chart will manifest itself this year, try running your 

The other, karmic Saturn, spends virtually all of 2014 in fellow Water sign, Scorpio, which challenges us to look more deeply into our desires and to reevaluate our relationships. Answers we seek about career and life purpose are more likely to arise from instinct than intellect.

Major decisions need to feel right to ensure we're on the appropriate path. However, the tender nature of Water signs makes it possible to allow fear to undercut self-confidence and keep us from making important decisions. Considering the possible risks of our actions makes sense, but not when they deter us from seeking solutions and pressing ahead with our plans.

A bolder attitude emerges when generous Jupiter enters outgoing Leo on July 16. The planet of expansion's 12-month stay in this commanding Fire sign encourages creativity, self-expression and teaches us the meaning of life through love, play and children. Egos may be expanded during this transit, but if that's what it takes to fully tap into and show off our talents, it's worth the price.

Uranus square Pluto continues shaking things up

Profound personal and collective shifts continue in year three of the ongoing squares between revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto. These slow-moving planets began their series of seven challenging right angles in 2012, and they won't finish until March 2015.

This year they cross paths on April 21 and December 14, which can be critical periods of disturbance. Yet these planets also present opportunities for breakthroughs in institutions and individuals. Being flexible and open are the best ways to reduce stress and increase chances for making profound discoveries.

Jupiter participates in this process on January 31 when it opposes Pluto, and on February 26 during its square to Uranus. We may be wound up with nervous energy or caught in a downward spiral of mistrust that arouses questions about future plans.

Revolution is in the air

However, April 20 is potentially the most powerful part of the year as Jupiter repeats these aspects with both outer planets on the same day. Rising tides of revolution, rebellion, innovation and extremism may occur around this time. Fears and hopes can both be exaggerated in a volatile environment that might even spur natural disasters.

Still, the point is not to run and hide during potentially dangerous times. This is, rather, a period when minds awaken and ambitions are intensified to radically reshape our worlds. Being proactive is more likely to produce a desirable outcome than trying to duck this cosmic tsunami.

Heading in new romantic directions

2014 opens with love planet Venus backpedaling in serious Capricorn. Love may not flow very easily during this retrograde cycle. On January 31, however, sweet Venus stops in her tracks and will slowly start moving forward to take relationships, romance and resources in new directions. Allowing these patterns to play out slowly will produce better results than leaping into liaisons, investing money or making personal judgments impulsively.

On March 1, assertive Mars turns tail in diplomatic Libra, where it will be retrograde until May 19. The planet of initiative's reversal can cause delays that demand that we take a second look at where, how and with whom we commit our energies.