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Why Is Twitter So Unpopular In France? [STUDY]
Written by Malek


Twitter – it’s everywhere, isn’t it?

Well, maybe not, according to one study. Despite being widely known throughout France, with 89 percent of internet users aged 15 or over in the country aware of the micro-blogging social network, just 11 percent have, or once had, a Twitter profile.

Moreover, the survey, conducted by Ipsos and CGI back in March, revealed that only one in twenty (5 percent) of these users were actively engaged on Twitter, and most of these were simply reading (as opposed to posting) tweets.

This French indifference to Twitter is further confirmed with data from comScore, which noted that Twitter registered just 5.6 million unique visitors from French users in December 2012, compared to 34.3 million for Facebook and 8.6 million for French social network Skyrock.

While Twitter is struggling, it’s certainly not alone in this space. France has shown a general lack of interest in social media, with eMarketer estimating that just one-third of the population were active on social networks last year.