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Lebanese elections strange Phenom
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Lebanese elections strange Phenomenon.

Written By Malek el Khazen

The Lebanese elections are a strange phenomenon. Usually in an election in any developed countries, the citizens of these countries are interested about the candidates, biography, achievements and most importantly debating their political electoral Program or the party program they represent.   In another perspective, we the Lebanese voters have been all waiting for the next elections “June 7” 2009. Media, newspapers, elites and us the people we all discuss about these elections with passion. But notice our discussions are who do you think will win? Who will be running? Who will be part of this or that list?

For us to really improve our country I believe it is very important to know what we are voting for. Let us take a simple example, in the United States candidates start campaigning before 2 years of the elections. Yes 2 years!! But the citizens will know everything about the candidate from his personal life to all of his political stands throughout his life and most importantly achievements. Sometimes knowing so much, could backlash!  As an example, let us take many nominations from President Obama Cabinet where candidates have not paid all their taxes and had to withdraw. But in USA we can hold politicians accountable for. Since we know their platform and what they are running for.

 In contrast, In Lebanon can we hold these candidates accountable for? Let us not blame the candidates. The only ones to blame are OURSELVES!. Yes I will not say that all candidates have political programs. But many of them do. The issue is us as Lebanese (most of us) we do not ask about the programs, achievements and experience. All what we care about is who is running with who? We are constantly trying to predict results (note that this is not only in Lebanon even in developed countries their obsession with predicting results hence polls, which could be very bad). But I have to give a break to the Lebanese people since all of them seem to be EXPERT in only ONE field and this is foreign relations! But anything that is domestic we do not have any clue. The elections are in 2 month and we still are not aware of many candidates’ names and stands? My suggestion is for all the candidates to start campaigning and discuss their political programs. Then, when the list is created they can continue their campaign or retract themselves.

Writing this article its purpose is not to criticize our politicians. But writing this article is to blame the media and the Lebanese people. The Lebanese Media is not doing enough, we have seen some improvement but it is not enough. Even when these politicians are invited on TV political programs where "supposedly" they will discuss their political program, they end-up discussing the superficial questions. I am not sure how most of the questions revert back on who will be your ally ? and their foreign relation strategy. These are all important questions but yet it is the ONLY questions that Lebanese are expert on. I will need to remind us all, to achieve Freedom at all levels the first step is to fight ECONOMICAL alienation. If the media does not ask these tough questions who will? Who will follow up? And also us the Lebanese people are to blame. Yes us, don’t be surprised. We are worried about everything except the issues. Who paid what? Who did what? Who visited x, y and z?  I have to ask you this; do you know any of the political programs of your candidates in your area? Do you know what laws have been introduced in the parliament from your Member of Parliament? Do you know how serious was your Member of Parliament in the last 4 years? If we are not aware of this how can you vote? We need to be above the superficial questions and get to the root cause, and yes we need to hold our politicians accountable. Most of the Lebanese cannot right now hold anyone accountable except themselves.  I would suggest also reviewing the Lebanese Budget. There is no country that can build up a Lebanese defense, or grow the economy or have a better health care system, or have the basic laws such as powering our home 24/hours, heaters, retiring plan and many more BASIC needs without knowing the budget. How often do we discuss these issues? How many of you are aware of our Lebanese budgets?  Most of the politicians are fight and complaint about the earmarks they get to our region. Do you know how much the state has helped your region the last year? Where you funded equally compared to other regions? How many of us are aware of the city Budget and day to day operations? Is it possible that all of the opposition and March 14 coalition has the exact same positions on domestic issues and spending? ok, I understand the difference btw these groups. main these differences are the defense strategy and foreign relation. What about the Budget policy? What about health care? What about telecommunication? What about earmarks? What about taxes? What about regulation and relation with our private companies? What about social security? Do all of these groups have the same policies? Remember the key for success in any country is to eliminate economical alienation. Eliminating Economical alienation is the first step towards Freedom. Yes Freedom at all levels!!

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